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Why PPR Pipes Are Highly Recommended By Professionals In The Construction Industry?


Why PPR Pipes Are Highly Recommended By Professionals In The Construction Industry?

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Have you ever had a project with broken pipes and caused time, energy, and labor? Or are you looking for pipes that can withstand high pressure and last over 50 years? Continue reading this article to find out what type of pipe is best for your plumbing system suggested by the professionals.

PPR, or Polypropylene Random Copolymer Plastic, is one of the most used in plumbing. According to data from Kangyu Pipe Industry, the third generation PPR prevented many potential problems from arising when using a poor plumbing.

They said this because they experimented with PPR, PPB, and PPH and the results shows that when you stop using the PPB and PPH for a year, the strength drops significantly, whereas PPR pipes retain their strength even after 50 years.

Engr. Ronald Anselmo from The House of Construction, a licensed Civil Engineer who took up Structural Engineering discusses construction by giving tips and tutorials. He demonstrated the strength of PPR to his video by run overing the PPR pipe by a truck, bending, and hammering PPR. The results show that PPR has impressive strength because it is still intact. It is clear why professionals recommend PPR pipes in plumbing.

Furthermore, Mr. Karlo Marko a registered architect chose PPR over PPC to ensure the safety of their clients in every aspect because PPR is not sensitive to weather, particularly here in the Philippines, whereas PVC corrodes and eventually become weak. And PVC is bad for human and environment because it contains poisonous plastic due to its dioxin content, which is a type of carcinogen that causes cancer.