My Story

Hi! I am Monz, a mom of two!  I used to work as a nurse abroad but had to come home to take care of my first born child.  I got bored  a few months after and started selling different stuff online.  I used to go to the suppliers every Thursday and deliver it every Saturday.  I still got bored and started vlogging!  Being a stay at home mom doing nothing but to take care of your child, can’t go out because nobody will look after my little one,   vlogging for me is one way to express my self not to mention that I love editing videos, it’s one of my secret skills actually.  Then I remembered being a make-up junkie when I was pregnant with Lian, I used to hoard make-ups even though I’m not really using them simply because I’m “preggerz”.  So I attended a make-up workshop and dreamed of becoming a make-up artist someday and started this blog because it required us to do so. I then did make-up vlogs, make-up reviews, make-up tutorial (naks!) I did the famous “no make up make up look” (haha) . But then I became pregnant with Monic and I stopped my online shop due to laziness threatened abortion.  I stopped doing vlogs as well, my doctor advised me to do bedrest during my first trimester.  I felt useless that time.  I became active with my vlogs again  during my second trimester (thanks to pregnancy hormones) I did pregnancy vlogs, family vlogs, did blogging once in a while and attended events (youtube and smart parenting).


When I gave birth to Monic, I focused on breastfeeding, I became depressed, I was so tired and pathetic.  I had a hard time expressing milk so I felt useless as a mother.  I sought for help, I talked to my closest friends, I joined different mommy and parenting groups in facebook.  Right now I am still in the process of getting my self motivated, working on my self-confidence and self-esteem.  I’m still working on my social medias, increasing the number of followers, made a separate mommy/family instagram account, working on this free blog site, attending different mommy and baby events.  I am starting to love my self again!

Now I understand how blogging makes sense to people, it gives you freedom of expression, it helps you think, it’s good for the brain, it helps you gather your thoughts therefore, makes you more creative.  It can build your confidence, help you gain knowledge, allows you to share your opinions. It can be for anyone or everyone, it connects you to the world.  Blogging can be inspiring!