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Quarantine Cooking | Oreo Graham with Milo Dalgona

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Quarantine Cooking | Oreo Graham with Milo Dalgona

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I’t’s been more than a month since the enhanced community quarantine was implemented because of COVI-19 Pandemic and being at home all the time can really be frustrating and challenging and the only thing that keeps me from going crazy is to keep myself busy.

This is also the best time to master some of your skills like cooking, we can also let our kids assist us by letting them do simple things like pouring and stirring.  One of the things that we did was making an Oreo Graham Cake with Milo Dalgona.  It was Lian’s first time to assist me in the kitchen, he got interested when I showed him the ingredients. 

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Oreo Graham Cake with Milo Dalgona


Graham Crackers 1 Pack
All Purpose Cream 500ml
Condensed Milk 250ml
Oreo 4 Packs

Milo Dalgona
1 Sachet of Milo
2 tbsp sugar
4 tbsp all purpose cream
2 tbsp water

It’s super fun and easy to do with the kids.  Please watch our video below.


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