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My Top 10 Beauty Finds From Althea Korea

My Top 10 Beauty Finds From Althea Korea

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Althea Korea has been my favorite online shop for Korean Beauty products because of their affordable, authentic and hard to find K-Beauty products.  Being a Stay-at-home mom without a nanny, I seldom go out and shop, so Althea has helped me achieved that Korean glow without having to leave the house.  It has been my stress reliever ever since I discovered it just by exploring and adding products in my wishlist or cart makes me really happy!  This year Althea granted my wish to become one of their Angels, my role is to help them spread good news about their products in exchange of free Korean beauty products! Isn’t that amazing?

Here are my Top 10 Beauty Finds from Althea Korea to help you with your shopping.

  1.  Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel

Price: P180

This all in one soothing gel is one of their best sellers and
our family’s favorite!  It can also be used to hydrate and
moisturize skin and scalp.

  1.  Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel Mist

Price: P260

I always have this in my bag, I use this to set my make-up and whenever I feel the need to freshen up.

  1.  CORSX Advance Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence (100ml)

Price: P915

My holy grail for dry skin!  It penetrates deeply into the layers of the skin to repair and improve it’s elasticity.  I use it every night and in the morning whenever I need a moisture boost!

  1.  Bare Essentials Set (Contour Cleanser, Primer Water, Fixer Cream)

Price: P1,341 (10% OFF)

I’m so happy that Althea came up with this amazing products!  This simplifies my K-Beauty routine from 10 steps down to 3 steps, perfect for busy moms like me, you only have to spend 5 minutes for this simplified skincare routine.

  1.  Klairs Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop (20ml)

Price: P1560

It does exactly what it’s named after!  It feels great on the skin, my skin texture has noticeably improved!

  1.  Milk Peel Cream Mask

Price:  P490

The best peeling mask I’ve used so far.  I love the ticklish feeling when it started bubbling up!  It makes my skin soft and smooth after each use.

  1.  Petal Velvet Sunaway (SPF 50+ PA++++)

Price:  P480

This is definitely a must have in my skin care routine.  I can’t go out without a sunscreen!  This one is my newly discovered favorite because of it’s non-chemical formula with a light and fluid texture, controls sebum production and can be applied evenly and smoothly on the skin without a white cast.

  1.  Petal Velvet Powder (3g) (Translucent)

Price:  P210

This is perfect for baking and setting up your make up!  It instantly mattifies without dehydrating the skin.

  1.  Aura Radiance BB Foundation Cream (40ml)

Price:  P290

Achieve that “No Make-up Make-up Look”  with this affordable yet great coverage BB cream.  It can effectively cover blemishes and makes you radiantly beautiful!

  1.   The SAEM Cover Perfection Pot Concealer (4g)

Price:  P200

I personally love this balm type concealer because it blends really well and doesn’t crease.  It can cover blemishes and dark spots seamlessly.

So there you have it, I hope this helps, you can now head on to ALTHEA and happy shopping!

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