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Help Level Up Your Kids’ Immunity With Similac at Shopee’s 2.2 Free Shipping Sale!

Help Level Up Your Kids’ Immunity With Similac at Shopee’s 2.2 Free Shipping Sale!

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Being a mom makes me worry about my kids nutrition. I honestly can’t provide them with nutritious food everyday.  I also have a picky-eater who only eats egg, pasta (as in noodles only) with cheese, and fried chicken.  Good thing my kids drink milk!  We all know how important milk is in our child’s growth and development. It is a rich source of calcium, protein and essential nutrients which is important for growing kids. Be reminded that not all milk are created equal so choose the best one for your child by checking or comparing nutritional facts labels.

My Kids have different milk because they have different needs and for my 3-year old picky-eater I choose Similac Gainschool HMO.

Reasons why I chose Similac Gain HMO:

  • It comes with HMO which is an important immune-nourishing ingredient to protect child’s gut and beyond.
  • It is high in protein, calcium, vitamin K, vitamin D which are all essential for my baby to develop stronger bones.
  • It supports child’s overall cognitive development with its 10 Key Brain Nutrients with Eye-Q Plus like DHA, AA, Omega 6, Taurine, Choline, Iron, Zinc, Vitamins B1 B2 and B3.
  • It contains Prebiotics that stimulates good bacteria in the child’s digestive tract.
  • It contains Anti-Oxidant nutrients Beta-carotene, Vitamin C and Natural Vitamin E that may help protect cells. It also contains vitamin B12,D, folic acid and mineral zinc to provide support to the normal function of the immune system.

This milk is perfect for your kids 3 years old and above.  Provide proper nutrition to your kids with Similac Gainschool HMO at Shopee’s 2.2 Free Shipping Sale!  Avail discounts up to 20% on January 31 and up to 30% off on February 1-3 only on the Abbott Official Store in Shopee.

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