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Enjoy 10% OFF On Pigeon Baby Products When You Join Shopee Mom’s Club!


Enjoy 10% OFF On Pigeon Baby Products When You Join Shopee Mom’s Club!

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I still can’t believe that it’s been 6 years since I called my self a MOM! My life has been meaningful and our live’s been complete. There’s a saying, the days are long but the years are short and it really went so fast! And I could say that the past 6 years with my 3 kids has been really challenging but made me a better person and a better mom. So if you haven’t noticed yet, I have been sharing here in my blog and social media, the things that I find very useful or best for each of my babies. As they say, every baby is different and so is our preferences for each child. So for my 1-year old baby, we choose Pigeon Baby products.  Pigeon is the number one baby care brand in Japan, it is also recommended by most Pediatricians. It was first introduced to me by my kids’ Pediatrician when I gave birth to my Monic (second child) and since then, Monic has been using Pigeon Bottle (Sof Touch).  We are also a fan of their other baby products from feeding bottles, to oral care, to wipes. Check below our favorites for Baby Mico!

Pigeon Feeding Slimneck Bottle Set

Pigeon Slimneck Bottle

The Pigeon Feeding Slimneck Bottle is new to us, so we gave it a try.  Luckily our baby Mico loves it, he even showed it to his siblings, as if he was telling them that “look I have a new bottle!”.  This is also cheaper than Pigeon Sof Touch (wideneck) which we also love, our Monic uses this bottle so to avoid confusion, we switched baby Mico to Slimneck bottle.  We made the right decision though, because the quality is still good, as expected, it is durable and lightweight. The neck size is just right for our Mico’s little hands. However, the nipple is different from the wideneck but baby Mico latches on it easily and comfortably.  Thanks to its super flexible and soft silicone rubber.  It now comes in a set of 3, with 3 extra nipples for only P612.

Pigeon Slimneck Bottle

Pigeon Baby Wipes


What I love about Pigeon Baby Wipes is that it is made of 99% pure water which is safe for baby’s sensitive skin even eczema prone skin. While it is unscented, it leaves the baby’s skin clean and feeling fresh. Each sheet is thick enough that can withstand multiple wipe outs. In addition to that, it is also affordable, you’ll get an 82-sheet pack for only P150.

Pigeon Baby Wipes

Pigeon Peristaltic Nipple

As I have mentioned earlier, the nipple (for slimneck) is made from thick ultra-soft silicone material. It has a superior quality with an Air Ventilation System that helps adjust the air pressure inside, thus prevent colic. It’s flexibility which is similar to the mother’s actual breast, encourages baby’s natural sucking. Be reminded that it has different hole sizes, so make sure to choose the correct size for your baby.

You’ll never go wrong with Pigeon Baby products when it comes to your baby’s comfort and growth, so check them out and get exclusive discounts and deals, up to 10% OFF  when you join Shopee Mom’s Club by signing up here:

Pigeon Peristaltic Nnipple

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