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Althea Korea: A’bloom Products Review

Althea Korea: A’bloom Products Review

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Althea recently launched their A’bloom collection that promises to make us bloom this summer season.  It includes blackhead remover stick, make-up applicator puffs and sheet masks.

I was one of the lucky angels who got first dibs on it but believe me they’re cuteness made me hesitant to use it!

Althea A'bloom Collection
Althea A’bloom Collection





Price: P100 – Giant Puff | P140 – Baby Puff (set of 3)

Product Claims:

  • Safe for sensitive skin as it is made with latex free and non toxic materials.
  • Precise makeup and coverage in an instant.
  • Blends effortlessly for a flawless finish.
  • Works wet or dry for different effects.

How to use:

  • Dampen the sponge and squeeze out any remaining water before picking up the product of your choice and bouncing it onto the skin.
  • Repeat till your skin looks even and perfected.
  • Allow to dry.
  • Use it damp for a dewy effect and use it dry for a matte effect.

My Say:

There are several versions  of beauty sponges which can also give a flawless finish but what really sets it apart is it’s cute shape! Love at first sight is real! I fell in love with it’s cuteness the moment I saw it!  Who wouldn’t agree with me?

It’s firmer and not as bouncy as the brand that I am currently using but when it’s damp it can be slightly softer and expands to approximately 1.5 times it’s original size.  I preferred the giant puff because it can cover a lot of area quickly and the pointer tip (both Giant and Baby Puff) is great for nooks and crannies.   Though I find the baby puff too small for me, it also works well to smooth out any cakeyness.    

Overall, this is a great puff! It blends the foundation really well with an even smooth base and poreless finish.



Price: P200

Product Claims:

  • Removes blackheads painlessly
  • Purifies and clarifies pores instantly with natural ingredients
  • Prevents future breakouts

How to use:

  • Apply onto the targeted areas with excessive sebum after cleaning your face.
  • Genty massage in circular motion to release trapped oil and dirt.
  • Rinse off with lukewarm water

My Say:

Works wonders in removing blackheads!  It’s so easy to use and glides on  the skin nicely.  It really gets the job done and leaves my skin noticeably clean and softer.


A'bloom Fruit Mask Sheets
A’bloom Fruit Mask Sheets

Price: P20/sheet

Product Claims:

SPARKLE-ME-BRIGHT (Brightening Lemon Lime Mask)

  • Clarifies and brighten dull skin to unveil the natural glow from within.
  • The double dose of Vitamin C from lemon and lime extracts banishes dark spots and green tea boosts brightening while calming skin
  • Great for combination skin

AC-ME-PEACH (Anti Blemish Peach Mask)

  • Purifies and soothes irritated and sensitive skin.
  • Infused with peach extracts and tea tree oil to regulate oil, balance moisture and purify for soft smooth skin.
  • Great for oily skin

AVO-CUDDLE-ME (Nourishing Avocado Mask)

  • This mask is rich in antioxidants to nourish and protect skin from harmful environmental factors and prevent wrinkles
  • Infused with avocado extracts and hibiscus for soft supple skin that glows
  • Great for dry skin

WATER-ME-LONG (Moisturizing Watermelon Mask)

  • This mask that packs a punch of hydration and moisturization for waterful skin that lasts
  • A delicious drink for skin with watermelon extract and added lavender to calm the senses
  • Great for combination skin

How to use:

  • Cleanse skin and apply toner
  • Remove mask from the pouch and properly place it on your face for 10-20 minutes
  • Remove mask and lightly massage the remaining solution into the skin 


My Say:

Among the four fruit masks, the Brightening Lemon Lime Mask Sheet is my top fave! The double dose of vitamin C from lemon and lime helps vanish dark spots, it also has green tea which boosts whitening while calming the skin. Just imagine how calming it feels to place lemon slices on your face while lying back. It was so refreshing! It didn’t irritate my skin at all, it leaves my skin super hydrated and noticeably brighter right after using it.  Since it’s a one size fits all mask, sadly it’s too small for my face, it can’t cover my entire face and nose (lol!) but I would definitely repurchase!

So there you have it, I hope this helps, you can now head on to ALTHEA and get your hands on these amazing products!

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