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Achieve A Superhero SMILE with the New Colgate Kids Batman and Wonderwoman

Achieve A Superhero SMILE with the New Colgate Kids Batman and Wonderwoman

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As parents, we prioritize the health and happiness of our kids, it’s as important as protecting their teeth by keeping it clean.  Some parents find it hard to convince their kids to brush teeth, I am just so lucky that Lian and Monic loves brushing their teeth!   Here are some tips on how to convince your kids: 1.  Start oral hygiene by wiping your baby’s gums then switch to a soft toothbrush when the teeth starts to appear, do it atleast twice a day so your baby will become used to this routine.

  1. Explain the importance of brushing their teeth.
    We should encourage our children to brush their teeth atleast twice a day, in the morning and before going to bed at night.  Brushing teeth  helps remove bacteria and plaque that cause tooth decay and gum disease.  Tell your child that achieving beautiful smile starts with taking care of their teeth.

    3. Let them choose their toothbrush.
    Let them pick the color and the character they want.  You can buy more than one toothbrush so they get to choose which toothbrush to use everytime they brush their teeth.  It will make brushing teeth more exciting!

4. Let them choose their toothpaste – Let your child pick the flavor of their toothpaste, try different flavors until you find a match.  If they like the taste of their toothpaste, they will be more excited brush their teeth.

5. Let them see you brushing your teeth!
Toddlers and preschoolers are great immitators.  Brushing together or doing it as a family routine will help them recognize its importance even if they don’t really understand why.

6.  Make teeth cleaning fun!
Brushing teeth can be time consuming, so why not do it in a fun way like role playing.  Kids love super heroes, you can tell them that even super heroes brush their teeth! Make them feel like a superhero by using The New Colgate Kids Batman or WonderWoman and let your kids #brushlikeasuperhero by fighting cavities!

Here’s to a more SUPER smiles with COLGATE! 
Ever wondered why Lian has a good set of teeth just like superheroes?  It’s because he loves brushing his teeth!  He even loves it more when he received his new Colgate Kids Batman toothbrush and toothpaste! You may visit these links for more details!