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Tackle Tough Stains this Rainy Season with BEKO

Tackle Tough Stains this Rainy Season with BEKO

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Mud splatters, rust and flood stains, crinkled clothes, and water spots are all common problems during the rainy season. With continuous rainfall forming deep puddles and muddy roads, you can’t completely protect your daily garments from being stained.

When this happens, Beko, Europe’s leading brand of washers and dryers, says that you need to use proper laundry methods to remove stubborn stains without ruining the fabric.

To help you tackle tough stains this season, Beko shares effective procedures to clean clothes while being gentle on fabrics, as listed below:

Dry Mud Splatters
In most cases, people tackle stains immediately before it seeps through the fabric but, mud splatters need an opposite approach – leave wet mud to dry. This is because treating wet mud sets it further into the fabric, making it almost impossible to remove.

Once the dried mud cakes, scrape it off gently with a spoon. Then, grab a soft-bristled brush to remove any remaining mud particles and, wash as usual with an effective laundry detergent. For lighter clothes, soak the fabric in an effective stain remover for five minutes to treat discoloration before popping it in the washer.

Remember not to put mud-caked clothing directly into washers because the sludge can block the drainage system.

Disinfect Rust and Flood Stains
Rust and flood waters contain germs and bacteria that will seep into the skin as well as spread onto other clothes if not disinfected immediately. Soak them in a solution of hot water and color-safe bleach overnight to kill these sickness-causing germs.

You can also use an effective laundry detergent with anti-bacterial properties during the wash cycle. Then, dry laundry pieces using the recommended high heat setting in dryers to effectively eliminate any remaining bacteria.

Moisten and Iron Water Spots
Even rain droplets can cause some spots to appear on clothes. Water spots happen when raindrops containing minerals and dirt dry out on garments, leaving these particles to sink deeper into the fabric.

To treat these stains, lay clothes face down on a flat surface, then moisten the spots with a clean cloth, rubbing it gently to remove the dirt. Next, iron the dampened areas until the water stains disappear.

Beko’s advanced technologies in their washers help in removing stains on clothes while being gentle on fabrics.

For example, the WCV10746M has an AquaWave® technology that gently massages clothes around in a wave-like manner using a set of paddles to ensure all stained areas are washed, while also increasing drying performance as it saves energy. This also helps protect your delicate clothes keeping it looking new every wash.

The WCV10746M also has a BabyProtect+ program that removes germs and bacteria that thrive in the rainy season by activating additional drum movements, as well as a rinse cycle that provides maximum hygienic cleansing results. This is also the ideal washer setting for babies and adults who have sensitive skin.

You can even quickly wash damped or drenched clothes into the WCV10746M with its Xpress Super Short program. This feature washes 2kg load of lightly soiled laundry at 0- 30oC in just 14 minutes when you quickly want to freshen and revive your clothes.

The WCV10746M also saves energy and cuts costs with its durable ProSmartTM Inverter Motor. The silent motor increases efficiency and durability of the appliance and, ensures it delivers superior washing and drying experience, especially during rough weather making it a worthy investment that is a must have at home.

Finally, the WCV10746M also has OptiSense® technology which optimizes the washing cycle with three smart sensors that automatically selects the right program and washing time for your attires. An additional sensor also detects any voltage surges and, cuts the power off if necessary to protect your machine from damages that it may cause.

Beko Philippines advocates healthy living through the technologies installed in their appliances. The company’s refrigerators, washers, and ovens come equipped with advanced features that are designed to not only improve efficiency but also, optimize time, cost, and energy so that people can prioritize their health and wellbeing.

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