Thursday, February 29, 2024

Project DIY: Ring Light


Project DIY: Ring Light

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There are lots of DIY ring light tutorial on YouTube but what makes this tutorial different is that it is made by an “OC QUEEN”.  Oh yes I am a certified “OC” queen, “I am neat and organized and like things a certain way, but is out of preference”.  I am obsessed with symmetry and I want everything to be perfect from the adhesives to colors and of course neatness and ease of use.

As an aspiring vlogger, blogger, youtuber and makeup artist (name it! It’s who I am lol!) it is essential to have this ring light so you can have beautiful lighting on your photos and videos on Instagram, Youtube Channel and even Facebook livestreams.  There’s nothing wrong in investing on a high end ring light but for me it’s not always an option especially if I can have it completely DIYed! So I really hope you’ll find this video useful.

The video has a complete step by step tutorial, by the way my hubby did the wiring and if you are not really confident doing it I suggest you ask help from someone who could do it for you.  You can find all the materials I used here at any local hardware stores.  You can actually replace the materials depending on your preferences.  For the Baby Safety Protector you can replace it with a styro or what ever material that you already have there, just be resourceful and creative!

Goodluck and keep on DIYing!


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