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My Favorite Tiny Buds Natural Baby Products

My Favorite Tiny Buds Natural Baby Products

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Baby Care Essentials are always in my list and in my cart and Tiny Buds is one of the brands I trust, because their products are made with all-natural ingredients, safe and gentle on babies, and environment friendly.

Tiny Buds is not new to me, Tiny Buds Toothgel was my kids first toothpaste! I’m glad that Tiny Buds now has a growing selection of essentials. From Skin Care and Oral Care, to Remedies and Home Cleaners! All are made with natural ingredients.

Here are some of my favorite Tiny Buds products:

After Bites Natural Soothing Gel is a cooling gel that helps ease  itchiness and redness from insect bites and skin irritations.

Lighten Up Lightening Scar Gel works on dark marks left by skin irrations or insect bites

Rice Baby Bath – I really love its mild scent (amoy baby) and how it gently cleans my kids’ skin leaving it soft and smooth.

Gentle Baby Wipes – This is something we can’t live without! Thick and soft sheets and fragrant-free!

Sleepy Time Natural Baby Massage Oil – Super calming with a blend of lavender and chamomile scent. It really helps us relax and sleep.

Natural Baby Bottle Wash – I also love the Baby Bottle Wash because it’s 100% food safe and trusted by pediatricians.

Natural Nursery Cleaner – As an OC mom, this is also one thing that I can’t live without! It cleans surface and toys quickly and effectively! The fruity scent and the bottle spray is a plus too!

Extra Sensitive  Natural Laundry Powder
This is by far the best Laundry Powder for my baby who has a sensitive skin. It is mild but can clean stains as well. I highly recommend this ❤️

Baby Fabric Softener  – I super love its smell! Very mild, fresh and clean! I use this for my older kids’ clothes, haven’t tried using this for my baby’s clothes as he has very sensitive skin, though this is plant based and gentle on baby’s skin.

There you go mommies! I hope this blog helps you decide which product to choose for your little ones. Remember to choose only the safest and mildest for your babies. You can trust Tiny Buds! ❤️

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