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mommy mundo expo mom central 2018

Last Saturday, (September 22) we were at Mommy Mundo Expo Mom held at Central Square. It was my first time to go to a mom expo and the experience was superb!

mom school eat sleep love

We were there early to attend the Momschool 3.0 Eat Sleep Love which tackles sleep and nutrition talk for toddlers.

Mom School 3.0

The first talk was about Nutrition by Namee Sunico. I learned how important it is to keep offering our toddler all kinds of different flavors or tastes to help develop their pallates at an early age. Never provide your toddler a tablet to keep him still while eating (I’m guilty of that too), instead, make every meal time as fun and interesting as possible to make them focus on their food by offering a variety of food each meal and naming each food and describing it’s texture and flavors. If you have a picky eater, try to eat with your toddler whenever possible and if he sees you eating healthy food, he’ll more likely to be interested in trying it. Offer them the same food that we eat and don’t prepare a special course for them and show them how appetizing it is to encourage them to eat it. And ofcourse offer our toddlers nutritious foods or snacks and drinks to make sure that he’s nutritional needs are met.

Mom School 3.0

The second topic was about Baby Sleep by Ria Campos Lopez, a certified sleep consultant from Himbing. She shared tips on how to make our babies sleep on their own by having a sleep routine so they know what to expect during bedtime. Having a quiet environment and dim light will help them relax and understand that it’s time for them to sleep. She also tackled about SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and gave emphasis on how to prevent it by letting our baby sleep on his back with no toys, pillows or blankets to avoid suffocation. Training our babies to sleep on their own is not an easy task it requires determination and patience so we can start training them once we are ready.

Sunlife Financial was also there and talked about the importance of investing early for our child’s future.

Of course the event didn’t end there! We went downstairs for the EXPO! These are the vendors who participated in that event.

expo mom central 2018vendors
(photo grabbed from mommy mundo IG)

There was also an exhibit by Shiela Catilo entitled Faces & Phases featuring Stories of Moms from different walks of life. The picture below is my friend with her cutie baby at the gallery.

There were freebies from diffrent vendors and great discounts for mom and baby needs.

Lian and Tatay were playing at Cerelac booth..
They almost got it! Good thing they gave us one more chance to play for a prize!
Tatay is trying his luck!
We did it!! Yeah! Lian was so happy!

I am so glad to have found this kind of community where moms support and learn from each other. I gained new friends! and I got to take home these goodies!

mommy mundo expo mom central goodies
Mommy Mundo Expo Mom Central Goodies

This is my first and definitely won’t be the last..

If you want to attend this kind of event follow Mommy Mundo on Facebook and Instagram. You can visit their Website too if you want to become a member of this wonderful community for moms.  You can also check my Upcoming Events at the sidebar of this post.