Monday, April 15, 2024

How To Get Free Glasses From Firmoo

How To Get Free Glasses From Firmoo

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Since the pandemic we are spending several hours a day infront mobile phones and laptops, it has become the new norm in our everyday lives.  Being exposed to these devices for long hours increases our exposure to blue light which can harm our eyes. It could lead to eye strain, headaches and trouble sleeping.

Good thing there are actually ways on how to protect our eyes from the harmful blue light. We can put a protective screen on our laptops, mobile phones or tablets especially if the kids are using it and they can’t wear glasses.  Some devices have blue light filter or night mode feature which is great to reduce the amount of blue light your eyes are exposed to. Last but not the least, we can get a pair of prescription/non-prescription glasses with anti blue light lenses.

Anti Blue Light Glasses From Firmoo

I am happy to announce that I got my Blue Light Blocking Glasses from Firmoo for FREE! I really love it because it’s fashionable and comfortable to wear as if I’m not wearing it at all. I really feel that my eyes are protected, I have less episodes of headaches, less eye strain and most importantly, I can sleep better now.

Firmoo is an online optical shop that ships worldwide. I love that they have lots of frames to choose from, it’s stylish and you can try it on online. If you wanna know more about their products visit their shop at and to know how to get a free pair of glasses you can watch the video below for a a detailed review and instructions.

Thank you and enjoy watching!

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