Saturday, June 15, 2024

Give a Thoughtful Gift this Valentine’s with the Limited-Edition Toblerone Love Cards

Give a Thoughtful Gift this Valentine’s with the Limited-Edition Toblerone Love Cards

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Don’t we all love to express affection through gifts? When it comes to romantic gifting, “it’s
the thought that counts,” they say—but sometimes, the pressure is all too real as expectations are high. We find a way to avoid cookie-cutter messages and generic gifts that often fall flat. This Valentine’s season is a better time to #BeMoreThoughtful and to wear our hearts on our sleeve.

However, nailing that perfect gift is not as easy as we think. You could probably relate: you seek out and buy a present with the intention of making a loved one happy, but realize when you give the gift that it falls short of expressing your emotions or being the best gift that fits your loved one. Toblerone wants to remind Filipinos that it only takes a little bit more thoughtfulness to get the perfect gift.

We know that nothing makes the heart flutter more than thoughtful gestures. This Valentine’s fall head over heels for the Toblerone Love Cards, a premium, and limited- edition animated card that you can personalize for your loved ones.

Be more thoughtful with your #TobleroneLoveCards by writing down feelings you’ve always wanted to put into words or draw out the thoughts you’ve always imagined. That way, the gift doesn’t only end when you finish the Toblerone bar but also stays as a heartwarming reminder of a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gesture for your loved one. How’s that for a one-of-a-kind, thoughtful, and premium gift?

This Valentine’s Day, look for the limited edition #TobleroneLoveCards in leading supermarkets nationwide and leading online stores like Shopee and Lazada. It’s your turn to #BeMoreThoughtful!