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Fisher Price Megablocks | Toy Review

Fisher Price Megablocks | Toy Review

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Am I going to have an Architect someday? He said it’s a big boat, but it looks like a big house or a building to me 😂

We went to Toy Kingdom Toy Expo last August 26, I asked him to pick one toy but he wasn’t able to do so because he’s overwhelmed with all the toys around him so I picked Fisher price megablocks for him to develop his creativity and bring his ideas to life by transforming, creating, demolishing and recreating something unique.

The blocks are big enough not to be swallowed giving me peace of mind that they won’t cause any harm to my toddler. It’s easy to fit together and hold, my child can build freely without requiring help allowing me to get on with other things. However, some of the pieces are too loose and therefore frustrate my 3 year old when his creations fall apart easily.

It comes in a handy zip bag which is sturdy enough to use again and again and great for practicing tidying up time!

I could say that I made the right choice in choosing megablocks! I highly recommend this to parents with young kids as it is a good set to cultivate children’s creativity and imagination.

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