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Experience The Best Tasting Coffee From Different Culture With Culture Blends

Experience The Best Tasting Coffee From Different Culture With Culture Blends

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How do you like your coffee? Hot or cold? Brewed or instant? Black or Creamy?

If you are a coffee lover like me, I’m sure you’ve tried it all and you have that one coffee flavor that you can’t live without.  I love my coffee brewed and hot, but it really depends on my mood, and the place, or the weather! If the weather is scorching hot, of course I like my coffee cold but most of the time I like it really hot.

Being a coffee lover, I am still excited to try new flavors especially the those from different cultures. I am grateful to have discovered Culture Blends as their coffee flavors are inspired by the best coffee cultures around the world and with every cup, it will surely take you in a whole new adventure!

Let me introduced to you my new favorite coffee, the Culture Blends’ Coffee In A Bag! It comes in 2 variants – The English Style Roast (2in1 Brewed Coffee) and The English Creamy (3in1 Brewed Coffee).

Culture Blends London

Culture Blends London

So what’s special with the coffee bag? It’s a brewed coffee in a steeped-quick serve package! Imagine having the taste of freshly brewed coffee without actually brewing it, and just steep it in a mug, and while waiting, you can already enjoy its aroma!  Super love the smell of roasted coffee, it awakens my senses, I can really imagine that I am in London!

Culture Blends LondonCulture Blends London

This is the best-tasting instant coffee I’ve ever tasted! The coffee bag can also be used twice because each bag is more than enough to make 1 strong cup! So skip the brew and steep your way to a perfect cup of English Style coffee!

Besides London, Culture Blends has 3 other Coffee Blends from different cultures that will surely add excitement to your daily cup!


Experience a cup of bold coffee the New Yorker way with Culture Blends American Blend 3-in-1 Latte!

Culture Blends United States


White coffee lover will surely love this extra smooth and creamy coffee! Enjoy every cup the Italian way!

Culture Blends Italy


You’ll never go wrong with Choco Mocha! The Belgian chocolate taste combined with coffee will surely give you that exciting taste of European Coffee!

Culture Blends Belgium

Find out which Culture Blends variant suits your taste! Check out Culture Blends’ official store in Shopee and score great deals or discounts! Happy Shopee-ing!