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Don’t Miss Out On Uni-Love’s Great Deals On Shopee Big Christmas Sale

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Don’t Miss Out On Uni-Love’s Great Deals On Shopee Big Christmas Sale

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Who is excited for the Shopee’s Biggest Sale of the year? Are your carts ready

If you are a mom like me, I bet your carts are filled with baby essentials.  Let us take advantage of the special offers and promos that Shopee has prepared for us this Big Christmas Sale!

Let me give you a tip, first, look for a shop that offers everything that you need, it will save you time and can reduce the shipping cost. Second, make sure to meet the required amount to avail the free shipping promo. And lastly, make sure to shop only at Shopee to enjoy promos such as ₱1 deals, Free Shipping with ₱0 min. spend, and 10% off daily from the widest selection of brands and sellers.

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Let me share with you one of my favorite shops in Shopee – The Uni-love! It is a one-stop shop for high quality yet affordable baby products. Here are my favorite Uni-love products:

Uni-Love Baby Wipes
A must-have baby essential! It contains the natural properties of aloe vera, lanolin and Vitamin E. It is naturally mild and effective for cleansing  baby’s delicate skin, thus  prevent rashes. Super love the thick and soft sheets too! Try their Christmas Edition Wipes, perfect gift for moms with little ones!

Shop here: https://shopee.ph/UniLove-Baby-Wipes-Christmas-Edition-(Elf)-100’s-Pack-of-1-i.27809003.11054280765?sp_atk=0b80c18f-efd1-4502-9b54-54343c70926b

Uni-Love Baby Bath
Protect your baby’s delicate and sensitive skin with Uni-Love Baby Bath. It has tear-free formula which is gentle to the eyes and skin. It also leaves baby’s skin soft and smooth.

Shop here: https://shopee.ph/UniLove-Baby-Bath-300ml-Bottle-of-1-i.27809003.8855236648?sp_atk=3dbfe594-39c2-459d-b59e-8b4e93c1d162

Uni-Love Vegan Baby Creams
Keep your baby’s skin moisturized for up to 12 hours a day.

Shop here: https://shopee.ph/UniLove-Vegan-Baby-Cream-50g-Pack-of-1-i.27809003.8787167058?sp_atk=a51bb86e-4d09-4759-bc7a-77d1fc49e978

Uni-Love Vegan Baby Dusting Powder
It contains Portulaca that soothes and pampers sensitive skin with its plant-based ingredients. It has no paraben, phthalates, petrolatum, and SLS keeping your baby’s sensitive skin safe, soft and comfortable.

Shop here: https://shopee.ph/UniLove-Vegan-Baby-Dusting-Powder-120g-Pack-of-1-i.27809003.9575314687?sp_atk=f48f6895-3797-436a-a1b2-ebdaabb83cbc

Uni-Love Vegan Baby Lotion
Moisturize your baby’s skin with this light face and body lotion. It has plant-based squalane ingredient. It is paraben-free and dye-free, especially designed for baby’s sensitive skin.

Shop here: https://shopee.ph/UniLove-Vegan-Baby-Lotion-140ml-Pack-of-1-i.27809003.9387170353?sp_atk=9514fe56-8965-49d6-8474-91c4b669cd4d

Uni-Love Squalane Baby Oil
This plant-derived squalane baby oil hydrates and moisturize your baby’s skin. It is paraben-free and dye-free, especially designed for baby’s sensitive skin.


Shop here: https://shopee.ph/UniLove-Squalane-Baby-Oil-60ml-Bottle-of-1-i.27809003.10523991636?sp_atk=493a6ec8-f31a-42f3-8481-0321f17a8102

Uni-Love Airpro Baby Diaper
It has a super absorbent core, keeping your babies’ skin comfortably dry. Its ultra soft top sheet will surely reduce skin friction and nappy rash. It also has stretchable waistband to keep the diaper fit on your baby and to help them move freely.

Shop here: https://shopee.ph/UniLove-Airpro-Baby-Diaper-30’s-(Large)-Pack-of-1-i.27809003.6480728847?sp_atk=d5ece43d-be07-44cc-b3b7-e67b882b5836

So what are you waiting for mommies? Check it out and ADD IT TO YOUR SHOPEE CART NOW! You might even get these Surprise Gift!

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