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Buy or Bye: Vitress Hair Products


Buy or Bye: Vitress Hair Products

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I got these 2 items from Sampleroom. ph for the purpose of trying how sampleroom works not knowing that I’ll fell in love with vitress hair products.

Vitress Hair Freshener

Sample Size: 50ml (full size)

I was never a fan of any hair fresheners, until I discovered this product and read a lot of good reviews about it. I used to spray cologne on my hair not knowing that it could be harmful on my hair, I was hesitant at first because I thought it smells like you just came out from a hair salon. When I first tried it I immediately fell in love with the smell, it’s refreshing! Since then I always bring it with me wherever I go.

Vitress Heat Protect Cuticle Coat

I used to have a tangled hair that’s why I always iron it whenever I go out which made my hair dry. I’ve heard about this product before but I was hesitant to use it because it might make my hair oily. I didn’t know then that a small amount can do magic on my hair without a sticky feel. It does not only protect my hair but gives it a youthful glow! I love it and it’s definitely a must have product for me!

My Verdict:

Of course it’s a BUY!!! I hope this review helps.

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