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Bidding Farewell To 2020

Bidding Farewell To 2020

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I remember ending my 2019 with a blog full of hope and positivity, and to be honest, I was having second thoughts if I should write a year-end blog or not, but here I am writing again..

The year 2020 may not have been the year I have wished for but looking back made me realize the things that I have accomplished which proves how reselient I can be.

The first 3 months was smooth..

I was able to convince my husband to attend Victory Church Service, it was the happiest day of my 2020!

I attended different blogging events – mommy and foodie events, met new friends and collaborated with big brands.

Blessings in time of pandemic..

We were trapped inside the house unprepared because we were there for a weekend visit but then lockdown was implemented so we stayed there for 5 months and luckily we survived!

I lost my part-time online job because of poor internet connection but it was good enough for netflix 😅

My kids experienced a quarantined birthday. The DIY mama in me was helpless, there was   no materials and no deliveries. I only have my phone and laptop and their old clothes but I was able to make them happy by filming their special day.

Surprisingly, I got pregnant!

This is the most challenging part, because I have to be extra-careful, I can’t eat the food that I want due to pandemic, I can’t go out to breath some fresh air, I had contractions during my first and 2nd trimester so I was advised to rest. It was hard because I have two kids to attend to. Luckily my mom is always willing to help, and I owe everything to her.

I discovered so many things about my kids. Their interests, their talents and their dreams. They never cease to amaze me! Kuya Lian is doing good in his studies, he’s a fast learner! He can now read and write legibly. He is very resourceful, he always find ways to know the answers to his questions. Monic is such a sweet girl, she can now fully express herself, she can say what she want and feel. She can even narrate a story clearly like a 5-year old kid! She can memorize a song and a great dancer too! They are both good at messing up and tidying up!

Staying at home never stopped me from working with different brands. I attended virtual meetings and events, accepted projects from different brands and was able to earn money from it. I was also able to share my blessings through giveaways. Thanks to those who supported me on facebook and instagram.

The most frustrating part was when my brother had a stroke, I thank God that I was there to witness it and was able to find help immediately. It was the saddest part of my 2020, because we are still grieving the loss of my sister and papa. But I have faith in God, I knew that he won’t let anything bad happen to my brother, he actually survived the critical stage even without the medical management. He was not treated immediately in any hospitals as there was no  vacant ICU room. God is really good, he sent angels to help us. He is now recovering at home.

It was undeniably a difficult year for all of us. The pandemic, the disasters such as fire, earthquakes and typhoon has pushed many of us to our limits but it has also pushed us to grow tremendously. We have learned about our strengths as well us how to empower others to be their best selves. We learned how to be reselient and appreciate the beauty of anything and everything. Though our patience have been tested our support for one another never stopped and we became more helpful and hopeful than ever.

This year, let us be postive that this will be an awesome year for all of us.