Monday, April 15, 2024

Althea Angelship

Althea Angelship

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We, from Althea Korea, would like to invite you to be an angel in our Althea Angels Community because we believe that it would be a match made in heaven!

When I received an email from Angel Syahira on October 30 with that message, I felt like screaming! But I wasn’t able to, because my babies were sleeping at that time.  I honestly did not expect it, I actually  thought that I wasn’t qualified at all.  But surprisingly,  I was lucky to be included in their 2nd batch of Angels! Yey!!!

How To Become an Althea Angel

  1. You must be an Avid fan of K-Beauty products because you will be reviewing it.
  2. You must be an Althea lover, and has an Althea account, it is needed to credit your Althea Shopping points.
  3. You will have to complete the Angelship Confirmation Form
  4. If you are chosen, you will need to join the Althea Angels Facebook Community.

Perks of being an Althea Angel

We are blessed with amazing perks such as a welcome gift, shopping credits, review activities and lots of exclusive freebies!

My Welcome Gift

I love everything including the box!  They made me feel so special!
  1. Althea Angels Pink make-up pouch
  2. Althea Korea’s Petal Velvet Powder  in Warm Beige, Pink Lavander and Translucent
  3. Althea Korea’s Petal Velvet Sunaway (Newly Launch)
  4. Milk Peel Cream Mask
  5. Althea Angels Beauty Mirror
  6. $30 worth of Althea reward points

Things that I got with my $30 Reward Points

  1. Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel (Requested by my Mom)
  2. Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel Mist
  3. Klairs Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drops

These are just some of the few things that I love about being an Angel.  If you are chosen that means that you have the ability to reach out and inspire others because that’s what real Angels do, they have the ability to communicate to anyone in any way.  So if you think you got what it takes to be an Angel, I’m not talking about the halo and wings here then don’t give up, you’ll also be spreading your wings soon!

So there you have it pretties!  I will be reviewing these products soon so stay tuned!