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Achieving That Kilay Goals (Part 1) | Finding The Perfect Brow Salon – The Aesthetics Studio by Kristine Lucas

Achieving That Kilay Goals (Part 1) | Finding The Perfect Brow Salon – The Aesthetics Studio by Kristine Lucas

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Eyebrows frame the facial features and can make or break our looks.  A recent study confirms that fuller brows can make you look younger and that is one of the reasons why I am obsessed in achieving that kilay goals.  I don’t have that fuller brows, in fact it has gotten thin, scattered and has no tail.


When I was younger, I tend to experiment a lot on my eyebrows, not knowing that there is a perfect brow shape for every face shape.  I have tried different shapes such as soft angled, straight, thin high arch brows and a fuller brows for a younger look.

I haven’t mastered shaping my eyebrows after years of practice and now that I am a Mom of two, I only have minimal time to prepare myself whenever we go out because I still have to prepare everyone and everything!  I only have 10 minutes to prettify myself and the most important thing for me is to groom my eyebrows so I won’t look like I’m in a “struggle is real” situation.


Recently, I was thinking of having my brows done by a professional.  So I started researching about Eyebrow Embroidery or most commonly known as Microblading.  It is a form tattooing which uses a feather-like fine strokes thus making it more natural, perfect for that no-makeup make up look.

This procedure should be done by a skilled professional at a licensed beauty hub like The Aesthetics Studio by Kristine Lucas.


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The Aesthetics Studio is one of the pioneers who introduced semi-permanent and permanent makeup procedures using micro pigments. They started with permanent eyebrows, lips & eyeliner. Soon enough, they have upgraded into medical micro-pigmentation like areola & scalp pigmentation as well as BB glow.  They are the first to launch keratin lash lifting in the country. Other than permanent makeup, they also offer other wellness related services.

Their success in these areas lead their way to set up Permanent Makeup Academy PH.
They are committed in promoting quality training and provide the best products that pass their standards. They make sure that they regularly re-invent themselves with the latest trends and techniques thru regular trainings abroad.

The Master Artist

Kristine Lucas has long been teaching permanent and traditional makeup. Her passion for teaching became her mission and paved the way to The Aesthetics Studio by Kristine Lucas.

The Aesthetic Studio - Master Artist

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Stay tuned for  #AchievingThatKilayGoals Part 2!

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