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Why We Love Pampers

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Why We Love Pampers

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As parents, we aim for the safety of our little ones, which means choosing the best products for them. One of the best thing that we did to protect them was choosing the right diaper. Our babies will use diapers for the first few years of their lives so it is important to choose the right and safest diaper for them.

My husband and I have been so meticulous in choosing the right diaper because we want them to be comfortable and free from rashes.  While rashes in babies are very common because of their sensitive skin, it is better if we can prevent it because it can cause discomfort and irritability to the baby especially during diaper changing.

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Diaper rash is caused by friction or prolonged exposure to wet diaper so to prevent it, the goal is to keep the baby’s skin dry. Choosing a diaper that is breathable and made from the safest ingredients is the best solution.  And we found it in Pampers!  It was the first diaper that we tried for Lian, our firstborn, at first we thought it’s expensive so we tried other brands (all brands from cheapest to most expensive).  The problems that we encountered were diaper leaks, appearance of rashes, and diaper sagging (even though the diaper is not yet full), things that we did not experience with Pampers.

Pampers Baby Dry

We know that children reacts differently with diapers so we tried to use another brand again for Monic and Mico, but then we experienced the same problems.  We have been using Pampers for 6 years, tried all the variants and it never fail to amaze us! I guess now you know why we love Pampers so much!

We personally love Pampers Baby Dry as it is upgraded with Magic Gel Channels that instantly absorbs and distributes wetness evenly throughout the whole diaper, making it 3 times more absorbent, thus preventing it from being saggy.  This is why our babies never had rashes with Pampers.

It is made of light and breathable materials that lets air flow through and with a skin-cottony like cover that is soft and gentle on baby’s skin. The added skin-protecting lotion feature that acts as a skin barrier is a plus too!

Pampers Baby Dry

I love that it comes with pants which makes diaper-changing easy because of its “Easy-On and Easy Tear Off” feature. It is also best for active babies, because it is thin and light, making them move comfortably, just make sure that you got the right size for your baby. The Taped diaper is also good, to get that perfect fit because it has two-times stretchy ears that gently hugs baby and prevents leakage.

Pampers Baby Dry

With Pampers Baby Dry, our babies are protected with up to 12 hours of overnight protection, thus giving them uninterrupted sleep. This means changing less often, and therefore saves time and money. And to SAVE more money, I took advantage of the 8.8 MEGA FLASH SALE! They are offering up to 40% OFF plus FREE GIFTS and FREE SHIPPING, so better check them out now!

Pampers Baby Dry Taped Large

Pampers Baby Dry Pants XL

Pampers Baby Dry Pants XXL

Shopee 8.8 MEGA SALE

Have you tried Pampers Baby Dry too? How was your experience? Please let me know in the comment section below.

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