I was never a fan of “Make-up” because of my sensitive skin, I was okay with powder and lipgloss. Until I learned how to fill in my eyebrows (kilay is life), then I discovered my long lashes and bought a curler and that’s it!
Life was so simple then. Until one day I just woke up to “Make-UP”. I was pregnant that time when I started to feel like more feminine (I guess it’s because of pregnancy hormones), and so I practiced wearing make-up. I’ve watched make-up tutorials on youtube, bought make-up brushes and some make-up essentials.
I know that I can do better so I enrolled my self in 727 Make Up Summer Camp that will be held on May 25-26 at One86 San Juan. I am really excited to learn and to meet those aspiring make-up artists like me. I believe that this training can make a huge difference in starting my exciting career in the makeup industry right away!
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